Products And Product Standards

More harmonization of the EPB assessment procedures which will have an impact on the harmonization of the product and system requirements for energy relevant products used for buildings and their HVAC systems.

In Europe:

Under the European Eco-design Directive most relevant energy using products to be applied in buildings are already covered by a product regulation. This regulation requires the product to meet a certain minimum energy performance threshold, which is to be upgraded in the coming years (typically every 5 years). This regulation does not only set the energy performance requirements but also requires the product to have a label (product declaration) where these and other essential requirements have to be reported.

In addition, the Eco-design regulation refers to European or ISO standards describing the measurement and assessment procedures to obtain the required product data. If no standards available, the EU-regulation includes, for the time being, this information. The measurement data which are the basis of these product declarations have to be published in a public data base. These public data are again essential input for the assessment procedures described in the EPB standards mentioned before.

This coupling of the two EU directives, the EPBD (Energy Performance Buildings Directive) and the Eco-design Directive connects product declarations to finally the Building Energy Performance certificates. It accommodates the holistic building and system approach. Energy saving technologies, systems and products can now be awarded at a level playing field. Where transparency, regarding the assumptions and very often needed simplifications of assessment procedures, stimulates innovation.

Also transparency regarding the overall performance parameters (like the levels of Indoor Environmental Quality) and other boundary conditions such as the outdoor climate data and the to be used primary energy factors and assessment procedures to reward sustainable energy use. The overarching EPB standard EN ISO 52000-1 includes all these essential issues to be considered and refers to the total set of EPB standards where these issue are worked out in full detail.