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Sponsor parties gain up-to-date access to EPB knowledge about actual status and developments of the set of EPB standards. The EPB Center intents to function as a portal, dedicated to provide stakeholders and interested parties with technical support for the implementation and dissemination of information on the set of EPB standards, or a specific subset of standards for specific interest groups. While providing this support the Center also aims to assist with formulating needs in order to further develop and improve this set of EPB standards.

Sponsor parties are invited to join the Support group which will be represented in the Technical Advisory Council of the EPB Center. Their technical experts are also welcome to cooperate in the various technical expert groups active in the EPB Center.

Examples of specific services offered by the EPB Center are, depending on the sponsor level:

  • visibility at EPB Center’s website;
  • access to more detailed information (including FAQ) and technical support;
  • contribution to collection and analysis of feedback from implementation and use of the standards;
  • participation in webinars and seminars to exchange experiences and discuss proposals;
  • input to the discussion and formulation of future needs;
  • etc. 

In the best interest of the wide variety of stakeholders and supporters, the EPB Center has a policy of strict objectivity in the standardization support activities. The EPB Center does not endorse any products or services and no partner can ask to favour certain points of view. The material produced by the EPB Center will be prepared or reviewed by non-commercial experts.