EN 15316–4-2 (heat. & DHW generation, heat pump systems)

Energy performance of buildings – Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies – Part 4–2: Space heating generation systems, heat pump systems, Module M3–8-2, M8–8-2

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Geographical scope:
(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
April 26, 2017
  • Heating systems
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This European Standard covers heat pumps for space heating, heat pump water heaters (HPWH) and
heat pumps with combined space heating and domestic hot water production in alternate or
simultaneous operation, where the same heat pump delivers the heat to cover the space heating and
domestic hot water heat requirement.
The standard provides a calculation method under steady conditions that corresponds to one
calculation step.
The results of this calculation are incorporated in larger building models and take in account the
influence of the external conditions and building control that influence the energy requirements for
heating supplied by the heat pump system.
The scope of this part is to standardize the:

Generation for space heating and domestic hot water production of the following heat pump systems,
including control of:

This standard does not cover sizing or inspection of heat pumps.
This standard deals with heat generators for heating or for combined domestic hot water and heating service.

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