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One of the tools to facilitate the necessary overall consistency and coherence, in terminology, approach, input/output relations and formats, for the whole set of EPB-standards was the preparation of a spreadsheet for each EPB standard containing calculation procedures.

These spreadsheets, prepared on the basis of a common template, accompany each EPB calculation standard, to demonstrate the correctness of the EPB calculation procedures and to enable a check the list of input and output variables, in particular with respect to the interconnections between the standards: if the input for one standard is supposed to come from another standard, then the output from that standard should match the required input (quantity, unit, scale, time interval, etc.).


Because each spreadsheet was developed in parallel with the corresponding EPB standard, and was used to detect omissions in the standard and mismatches in input-output relations between the EPB standards, the most recently available version of the spreadsheet in many cases reflects a draft version of the standard (from 2014 or 2015) and has not or not yet been updated to the level of the final draft (Nov./Dec. 2016) or published version (summer 2017) of the standard.

The spreadsheets can be downloaded at the following pages (grouped according to the modular structure):

  • M1 Overarching
  • M2 Building (as such)
  • M3 Heating
  • M4 Cooling
  • M5 Ventilation
  • M8 Domestic hot water
  • M9 Lighting
  • M10 Building automation and control <no spreadsheets>

The file name of the spreadsheet reveals the number of the standard and the date of the spreadsheet. Possible future updates will be uploaded if and as soon as available.

M8 Domestic hot water

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prEN 15316-4-3 - SPS 2014-02-07.xlsm 772.22 KB

M9 Lighting

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Spreadsheet V26a_16_07_14.xls 3.02 MB

M10 Building automation and control