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The whole set of CEN and (EN) ISO standards on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) now published!

In the past few months all EPB standards have been published!

This concerns:
Combined global (ISO) and European (CEN) documents *):

  • 17 EPB standards ("EN ISO xxxx")
  • 7 accompanying EPB technical reports ("CEN ISO/TR yyyy").

*): Except ISO 17772 (ISO only)

European (CEN) documents:

  • 32 EPB standards ("EN xxxx")
  • 30 accompanying EPB technical reports ("CEN/TR yyyy")

All the ISO documents are available from your national ISO member or through the ISO Store.
All the CEN and combined CEN ISO documents are available from your national CEN member.

Overview of all these documents: see the EPB.Center Support/Documents page

What is the difference between ISO and CEN documents? See the EPB.Center page ISO and CEN, The road ahead