EC Service Contract

  • The European Commission awarded a service contract to support the uptake of the Energy Performance of Buildings standards by providing tailored information, technical assistance and capacity building services for involved stakeholders.
  • The EPB Center will be the communication platform to offer these services.


  • The new set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards, developed by CEN under mandate M/480, provides a methodology to calculate the overall energy performance of buildings supporting the EPBD.
  • They provide EU Member States with a toolbox to help the implementation of the Directive and aim also at higher transparency regarding the energy performance calculation methodologies.
  • Each EPB standard has a template for a national annex that enables Member States to tailor the methodology to the national situation.


  • Support Member States and National Standardization Bodies (NSB) to complete the national annexes of the overarching EPB standards mentioned in the EPBD
  • Disseminate and promote the use of the overarching and other EPB standards
  • Information services for all involved stakeholders, such as industry, researchers, engineers building professionals, financial institutions

Knowledge Tools

  • EPB Center website - your online knowledge hub
  • FAQ on key issues (How to fill in the annexes? How to use the standards?)
  • Calculation tools for the individual standards
  • Case study pool of practical examples tailored to the needs of different stakeholders
  • EPB Standards Academy
  • Hands-on workshops and offline training sessions
  • EPB Standards webinar series
  • EPB Standards Community of practitioners to share knowledge and support the ambitious uptake of standards

Involved EPB Center Experts

  • Jaap Hogeling, ISSO,The Netherlands
  • Annet van der Horn, NEN, The Netherlands
  • Dick van Dijk, The Netherlands
  • Johann Zirngibl, France
  • Jean-Daniel Napar, France
  • Gerhard Zweifel, Switzerland
  • Laurent Socal, Italy
  • Dirk Van Orshoven, Belgium

Involved EPB Center Partners

REHVA, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations.
REHVA is the professional pan-European organization dedicated to the improvement of health, comfort and energy efficiency in all buildings and communities. REHVA is a main facilitator of knowledge exchange, supporting the development and implementation of international harmonized tools, such as the set of EPB standards.
ISSO, the Knowledge Centre for the building and building services sector in The Netherlands.
ISSO is founded as a not for profit organization with the aim to coordinate research and organize knowledge transfer to the practitioners in the building and building services sector. ISSO played an active role in the coordination of the development of the set of EPB standards.

Contract Details

Contract: Service Contract ENER/C3/2017-437/SI2-785.185
Contractor, coordinator: ISSO, Jaap Hogeling
Title: Support the dissemination and roll-out of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards developed under EC Mandate M/480
Duration: Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2021

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