Consultancy Pack 1

Personalised guidance on filling in National Annexes & Datasheets (EPBD Annex 1)

This one-time consultancy package consists in a horizonbtal guidance part that can be replicated for every case and a vertical personalised part that can be tailored to every customer's specific case.

Horizontal part (recording)

Vertical part* (live online)

Intro EPB standards & available National Annexes

(30 min)

Open discussion (60 min)

Overview of choices (30 min)

Q&A (60 min)

Most important choices and their impact (30 min)


Tips & tricks (30 min)

* The vertical consultancy items can also be offered as recurrent, on-demand.

Target customers

  • National authority responsible of building performance assessment and certification (e.g. Ministry, appointed organization, National Standards Bodies)
  • National level policy influencers

Price: 1900 EUR


Consultancy Pack 2

Leverage the set of EPB standards

This is a one-time consultancy package that consists in a horizontal general guidance part and a vertical more specifically tailored part for each individual case.

Horizontal part (recording) Vertical part* (live online)
Intro EPB standards (15 min) Specifications per building technology (30 min)
Overview National Annexes & Datasheets (15 min) Practicalities per building technology (30 min)
Overall added value (30 min) Open discussion (120 min)
* The vertical consultancy items can also be offered as recurrent, on-demand.

Target customers

  • EU and national levels policy influencers (associations, companies, etc.)
  • Building technology manufacturers

Price: 1900 EUR


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