Future strategy incl. systematic review 2022

Development process of a future strategy on the EPB standards

This page aims to facilitate  and stimulate input from and discussions among all parties interested in the further improvement and implementation of the set of EPB standards, towards a strategy for the coming years.

For questions and suggestions, don't hesitate to contact the EPB Center experts!


Please note that it is up to the competent official standardization bodies to decide upon the future of any EPB standard, in accordance with the official CEN or ISO procedures.

In general, the National Standards Body can be contacted for information and comments on any CEN or ISO standard. A list of National Standards Bodies can be found at the CEN or ISO websites.

July - December 2022: Systematic Review of EPB standards published in 2017

In 2017 a high number of (EN) ISO and CEN standards were published to collectively assess the overall Energy Performance of Buildings: the set of EPB standards.

By mid July 2022 (5 years after publication) many of these documents will, individually, be subject to systematic review (SR) within CEN and ISO.

These standards constitute an integrated and coordinated package that need to be maintained and kept coordinated.

An informal document has been prepared to increase the effectiveness of the SR and the subsequent SR evaluation in CEN and ISO. It provides background information and considerations for National Standards Bodies, on the whole set of EPB standards, with additional considerations for specific individual standards.

This document is distributed to the ISO and CEN committees that are responsible for one or more of the EPB standards: ISO/TC 163, ISO/TC 163/SC 2, ISO/TC 205, CEN/TC 371, CEN/TC 89, CEN/TC 156, CEN/TC 169, CEN/TC 228 and CEN/TC 247.

For interested stakeholders, the document can also be downloaded here:

The document includes also a list of questions, primarily intended for National Standards Bodies. But also e.g. national regulators may be interested to give feedback on these questions. For their convenience, the chapter with questions is also available as fillable MS Word file:

Filled in chapter 9 documents can be sent to info@epb.center, preferably before the end of November 2022.

Comments and suggestions on specific EPB standards, collected and evaluated by EPB Center experts

Feedback from users and other stakeholders on specific EPB standards and related technical reports has been collected over the years and evaluated by EPB Center experts.

See for instance the page with overview of currently available EPB Center comment files