Collected comments and suggestions

regarding specific EPB standards or technical reports



Feedback from users and other stakeholders on specific EPB standards and related technical reports has been collected over the years and evaluated by EPB Center experts.

Proposals (comments and suggestions) that could be taken into consideration in the context of future revisions are collected and published as a comment file on a specific EPB document, using the ISO commenting template.

This standardized format ensures an efficient communication with the relevant CEN or ISO committee(s) at an appropriate moment.


Currently available EPB Center comment files:

  • Link - On EN ISO 52000-1:2017, Energy performance of buildings — Indicators for partial EPB requirements related to thermal energy balance and fabric features — Part 1: Overview of options
  • Link - On EN ISO 52003-1:2017, Energy performance of buildings —Indicators, requirements, ratings and certificates —Part 1: General aspects and application to the overall energy performance
  • Link - On EN ISO 52016-1:2017, Energy performance of buildings — Energy needs for heating and cooling, internal temperatures and sensible and latent heat loads — Part 1: Calculation procedures
  • Link - On EN ISO 52018-1:2017, Energy performance of buildings —Indicators for partial EPB requirements related to thermal energy balance and fabric features —Part 1: Overview of options 
  • Link - On EN 16798-7:2017, Energy performance of buildings – Ventilation for buildings – Part 7: Calculation methods for the determination of air flow rates in buildings including infiltration (Module M5–5)
  • Link - On EN 16798-5-1:2017, Energy performance of buildings – Ventilation for buildings – Part 5–1: Calculation methods for energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems (Modules M5–6, M5–8, M6–5, M6–8, M7–5, M7–8) – Method 1: Distribution and generation

Upon request, editable MS Word versions can be made available.



See each comment file for background information and disclaimer


Additional feedback on an EPB standard or technical report can be submitted via the contact form. Please describe the issue clearly.  
The EPB Center intends, at the appropriate time, to forward all clarifications and proposals to CEN or ISO for potential use in future updates of the EPB documents.

NOTE: If a specific EPB standard or technical report is under review or other ballot, comments or suggestions should be communicated directly to the National Standards Bodies who are preparing the votes.