Technical Reports

Technical Reports accompanying the EPB standards

There is a risk that the purpose and limitations of the EPB standards will be misunderstood, unless the background and context to their contents – and the thinking behind them – is explained in some detail to readers of the standards. Consequently, various types of informative contents are recorded and made available for users to properly understand, apply and nationally or regionally implement the EPB standards.

If this explanation would have been attempted in the standards themselves, the result is likely to be confusing and cumbersome, especially if the standards are implemented or referenced in national or regional building codes.

Therefore each EPB standard is accompanied by an informative technical report, where all informative content is collected, to ensure a clear separation between normative and informative contents:

  • to avoid flooding and confusing the actual normative part with informative content,
  • to reduce the page count of the actual standard, and
  • to facilitate understanding of the set of EPB standards.

See the Documents page for an overview of all EPB standards and technical reports. Or see EPB standards and technical reports per topic (select topic in the footer of this page).