Dick van Dijk

  • Co-convenor of ISO/TC 163 – TC 205 Joint Working Group on Energy Performance of Buildings using the holistic approach since 2009.
  • Convenor of ISO/TC 205 – TC 163 Joint Advisory Group on Coordination of ISO 52000 family since 2018.
  • As senior scientist at the Netherlands national research organization TNO (1977-2014): initiator and coordinator of various research activities, such as the European CENSE project (2007-2010) to prepare the development of the set of EPB standards (EC Mandate M/480).
  • Coordinator of various standardization activities on national, European (CEN) and international (ISO) level in the application field of overall Energy Performance of Buildings and building physics.
  • Member of the coordinating Collective Team Leaders for the development of the set of international (CEN and partly ISO) EPB (EC Mandate M/480, 2011 – 2016).