Jana Bendžalová

  • is working since many years on implementation of EPBD at the national and international level,
  • she is task leader in several EU projects with the focus on calculation methodologies, energy ratings and certification schemes,
  • she participated in EU Member States standby committees for the transposition of EPBD,
  • she is active in the European standardisation in the CEN/TC371 ‘Energy performance of buildings‘ and CEN/TC228 Heating systems in buildings,
  • her focus in standardisation is mainly on the development of EPB standards under M/480 on Economic calculation (EN 15459), operational rating for heating (EN 15378-3), energy rating and scale (EN ISO 52003-1), determination and reporting of Primary Energy Factors and CO2 emission coefficient (EN 17423)
  • she was researcher and head of the section 'Thermal protection and energy performance of buildings' in Building Testing and Research Institute in Slovakia working on calculation methodology and benchmark of energy performance, certification, cost-optimal level of energy performance, building physics and indoor climate. She is forensic expert for real estate value assessment.