Questions related to the EPB standards on domestic hot water systems (M8)

Domestic hot water needs and systems


Questions, comments or suggestions?


Where can I ask questions or submit comments if something is unclear or maybe wrong in one of the EPB standards under this topic?

Please contact us if you have a question or comment on one of the EPB standards…

In general, the National Standard Body can be contacted for information and comments on any CEN or ISO standard. A list of National Standards Bodies can be found here.

Specifically for the EPB standards:
Part of the services of the EPB Center is to collect presumed errors and questions on the content of EPB standards and their accompanying technical reports.

The EPB Center experts prepare, to their best knowledge, proposals for corrections and/or clarifications.
The EPB Center may communicate and publish these proposals, purely to support the implementation and application of these standards and technical reports in practice.
For such proposals the CEN/ISO commenting template will be used, to ensure an efficient communication with CEN and ISO.

In no way these proposals shall be regarded as formal corrigenda to the related CEN or ISO documents. It is up to CEN/ISO to decide upon the preparation of an amendment or revision of the document.

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