EPB Center, Newsletter no. 3 (mindful Summer reading/watching)

Check out this 3rd EPB Center Newsletter (mindful Summer reading/wathcing) for discovering the latest developments thanks to the solid effort of the EPB Center's experts, brought to life during the last months.

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EPB Standards Explained (short introductory videos on specific subjects)

EPB standards webinar series on Build Up portal

♥ Recording web workshop | Building Energy Performance Certificates: Convergent evolution?!

Newest EPB standard EN 17423 (on reporting Prim.En.Factors + CO2)

Products And Product Standards

Updated tools on individual EPB standards (spreadsheets)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Training and certification for building professionals on the EPB standards

REHVA Journal articles related to the set of EPB standards

REHVA mobile application visualize the EPB standards

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