IEQ and Ventilation to be integrated in recast Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

In this REHVA Journal, editor-in-chief Jaap Hogeling takes the most recent  developments regarding the EPBD for his editorial.

The recast EPBD and the amendments as adopted by the European Parliament 14th March 2023 clearly includes Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and ventilation requirements.

The ongoing negotiation (the so-called triage) on the final text should result in a recast EPBD before the end of the summer. In this recast EPBD the IEQ will go alongside energy performance and decarbonisation requirements.

It is a great step forward in securing healthy indoor environments in new and to renovate buildings. Clear statements on IEQ and ventilation control and inspection are included. The statement that the positive health effect of improved IEQ should be included in the cost optimal equation on energy efficiency and decarbonisation measures sounds very promising.