Case Study – Office building

This case study demonstrates the complete calculation of the energy performance of an office building and the related technical systems using the set of (CEN and ISO) EPB standards. The objective is to demonstrate that the connections between modules work so that it is possible to perform a complete energy performance calculation with the set of EPB standards.

Some variants are also tested to cover the most likely cases coherently with the type of building. This is to check that the system works not only for a single case but for foreseeable configurations of building and technical systems and that the needed modules are available.


Two base cases have been selected:

  • an existing office building (OFF), typically 20 to 30 years old that has not yet undergone a deep renovation;
  • a new office building.

The energy performance of the existing office building has been calculated the average climate. The basic system configuration consists of fan coils, condensing boiler, natural ventilation, water-based chiller.

The effort has been concentrated on the new building because in this case it is more interesting to investigate alternatives about the technical systems.


You can find the full document at the link below:

Report of Case Study on Overall EP calculations. Office building