Case Study to EN 16798-1 Conditions of use

This case study concerns EN 16798-1, which is the standard that defines operating conditions inside the building. 

Standard operating conditions are required to give a reference for the calculation of the energy performance. Any performance evaluation shall be referred to the level of comfort provided.

EN 16798-1 has a direct impact on needs, that is the actual amount of energy to be supplied or extracted from the conditioned space to provide the desired level of service. Technical systems may then require more energy than needs (because of losses and auxiliary energy use) or less energy if heat recovery is possible (cross-flow heat exchangers to reduce ventilation needs).

This case study focuses on the direct impact of EN 16798-1, that is on the energy needs.

Conditions of use have a deep impact on energy performance. Standardised and realistic conditions of use shall be defined for a fair rating or comparison of buildings (design and asset rating).


You can find the full document at the link below:

Report of Case Study on EN 16798-1, Conditions of use