Demo EN 16798-1 (indoor environm. input parameters): Use Profile Generator

Tool to generate time series for the operating conditions data for a variety of space categories.

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The spreadsheets related to the EPB standards are provided to demonstrate specific elements of the calculation procedures in the relevant standard(s). Consequently, they do not replace the EPB standards, but they shall be used along with the EPB standards.

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Download file Demo_EN_16798-1_Use_Profile_Generator_2021-09-01.xlsm
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(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
Sept. 1, 2021
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EPB Center

About this spreadsheet

THis spreadsheet generates time series for the operating conditions data for a variety of space categories.

The operating conditions are given as daily profiles for work days, holidays and possibly Saturdays.

The data comprise occupancy, required thermal comfort schedules (temperature, humidity), ventilation, internal heat gains and moisture & CO2 production, lighting, system operation schedule and domestic hot water needs.

The data are obtained from EN 16798-1 with additional information where needed. Custom (e.g. national) blocks of profiles can be added.
The daily profiles are assembled to generate the full year of hourly time series in a Result sheet. Customized Result sheets can be generated as ready-to-use input data sheet for specific applications, such as for the demo spreadsheet tool on EN ISO 52016-1 to calculate the energy needs for heating and cooling, internal temperatures and sensible and latent heat loads.

This spreadsheet accepts as an input the average daily domestic hot water needs calculated with the demo spreadsheet on EN 12831-3 to generate a complete data set, including domestic hot water needs, with all the calendar features of this standard.