Demo (EN) ISO 52000-1 / Overall EP

This sheet allows a full annual calculation of weighted energy performance.

More details: see below.

The spreadsheets related to the EPB standards are provided to demonstrate specific elements of the calculation procedures in the relevant standard(s). Consequently, they do not replace the EPB standards, but they shall be used along with the EPB standards.

Please read also the disclaimer in the spreadsheet.

Download file Demo_ISO_52000-1_2021-09-15.xlsm
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(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
Sept. 15, 2021
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EPB Center

More details on this spreadsheet

This sheet allows a full annual hourly calculation of weighted energy performance.    
This sheet includes the simultaneous demonstration of several weighting modes:     
 - Primary energy, either non-renewable, renewable and total    
- CO2 emission    
- Cost    
with independent specification of weighting parameters and options (kexp) for each one.    
Other supported features of EN ISO 52000-1 that are covered in this spreadsheet are    
- priority for on-site electric production    
- matching factor between produced and used electricity    
- exception to the use of on-site produced electricity
Additional features (not yet covered in EN ISO 52000-1):    
- electricity storage by means of a battery (likely technological development)