EN 16798–5–1 (en. reqmnts vent. & airco systems -1)

Energy performance of buildings – Ventilation for buildings – Part 5–1: Calculation methods for energy requirements of ventilation and air conditioning systems (Modules M5–6, M5–8, M6–5, M6–8, M7–5, M7–8) – Method 1: Distribution and generation

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(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
May 31, 2017
  • Ventilation systems
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This European Standard covers the energy performance calculation of mechanical ventilation and air
conditioning systems, including humidification and dehumidification. It takes into account the
generation (air handling unit) and distribution (duct system) parts. It includes a simplified calculation
of adiabatic cooling systems. It does not cover the emission part (calculation of the required volume
flow rates and/or supply air conditions), which is covered in EN 16798-7. It does not include the
calculation of heating/cooling generation. This method is focussed on large customized ventilation and
air conditioning systems, typically used in commercial buildings, although the application is not
restricted on the basis of building or space use type.
A calculation method for ventilation systems with integrated heating/cooling generation, including
domestic hot water generation, using a monthly or seasonal calculation interval or a bin method, is
provided in a separate standard, EN 16798-5-2. This method does not include humidification and
dehumidification or adiabatic cooling.

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