(EN) ISO 52010-1 (climatic conditions)

Energy performance of buildings – External climatic conditions  — Part 1: Conversion of climatic data for energy calculations

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(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
June 15, 2017
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ISO 52010-1:2017 specifies a calculation procedure for the conversion of climatic data for energy calculations.

The main element in ISO 52010-1:2017 is the calculation of solar irradiance on a surface with arbitrary orientation and tilt. A simple method for conversion of solar irradiance to illuminance is also provided.

The solar irradiance and illuminance on an arbitrary surface are applicable as input for energy and daylighting calculations, for building elements (such as roofs, facades and windows) and for components of technical building systems (such as thermal solar collectors, PV panels).

Other parameters of climatic data needed to assess the thermal and moisture performance of buildings, building elements or technical building systems [like wind, temperature, moisture and long-wave (thermal) radiation] are to be obtained according to the procedures in ISO 15927‑4. These data are listed in ISO 52010-1:2017 as input and passed on as output without any conversion.

NOTE 1 The reason for passing these data via ISO 52010-1:2017 is to have one single and consistent source for all EPB standards and to enable any conversion or other treatment if needed for specific application.

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