Demo (EN) ISO 52016-1 (energy needs heating and cooling, internal temperatures and loads)

Tool to perform a full annual calculation of the heating and cooling loads and needs and indoor temperatures, with both the hourly and the monthly calculation method, according to the corresponding EPB standard, EN ISO 52016-1:2017.

The spreadsheets related to the EPB standards are provided to demonstrate specific elements of the calculation procedures in the relevant standard(s). Consequently, they do not replace the EPB standards, but they shall be used along with the EPB standards.

Please read also the disclaimer in the spreadsheet.

About this spreadsheet: UPDATED VERSION (Nov. 2019, read details below)

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Geographical scope:
(EP) Calculation procedures
Published date:
April 22, 2015
Updated date:
Jan. 19, 2023
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About this spreadsheet

This spreadsheet comprises a full annual calculation of the heating and cooling loads and needs and indoor temperatures.

With both the hourly and the monthly calculation method given in ISO 52016-1:2017. Most input data for both methods are identical.

The side-by-side calculation using both methods enables comparison of both methods.

The hourly method can also be used to develop or validate the correlation factors for the monthly method. For that purpose the hourly method produces key monthly parameter values

Ground floor: The calculation of the thermal transmission through the ground floor according to ISO 13370:2017 has been fully integrated in this spreadsheet (both for the hourly and monthly method). Otherwise, a manual transfer of monthly output from the ISO 13370 spreadheet would have been required.

!!NEW TEST VERSION: Jan. 19, 2023
With several new features, such as:

  • Adaptive comfort criteria according to EN 16798-1
  • Hourly building use profiles based on EN 16798-1, extracted from the spreadsheet: the Use Profile Generator (
  • A simple algorithm on the impact of ventilative cooling, to support the work of the Task Group in CEN/TC 156/WG 21, in particular concerning the development of a Ventilative Cooling Potential Tool (built on the VCPT developed in IEA EBC Annex 62).
  • An integrated special sheet to demonstrate and test the impact of reference control scenarios for adaptive transparent building elements for FprEN ISO/FDIS 52016-3 (

This 2023 test version replaces:


Completely revised version, in line with the final version of ISO 52016-1 (published in 2017)

Main changes compared to the previous version of the spreadsheet (2015):

  • Project input data can be prepared in and automatically copied from separate file. This makes it possible to store and re-use the input data for specific cases.

  • Climatic data can be 1:1 copied from the output file of the (also updated) spreadsheet related to ISO 52010-1.

  • Formulae have been updated, in line with the published version of the standard.

  • The references to the formulae or clause numbers in the standard have been updated.