(EN) ISO 52003-1 (EP indicators, requirements, ratings, ..)

Energy performance of buildings – Indicators, requirements, ratings and certificates  – Part 1: General aspects and application to the overall energy performance


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Geographical scope:
EP indicators, requirements or ratings
Published date:
June 15, 2017
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CEN and/or ISO


The set of EPB assessment standards produces a great number of overall and partial EPB indicators as outputs. ISO 52003-1:2017 provides general insight to both private parties and public regulators (and all stakeholders involved in the regulatory process) on how to make good use of these outputs for different purposes (post-processing).

ISO 52003-1:2017 describes the relation between the EPB indicators and the EPB requirements and EPB ratings, and it discusses the importance of project-specific, tailored values as requirement or reference for certain EPB indicators. ISO 52003-1:2017 also includes a couple of possible EPB labels and it lists the different steps to be taken when establishing an EPB certification scheme.

ISO 52003-1:2017 provides standardized tables for reporting in a structured and transparent manner the choices that are to be made with respect to overall EPB requirements. The tables are non-restrictive, thus allowing for full regulatory flexibility. ISO 52003-1:2017 does not provide such tables for partial EPB requirements (related to the fabric or technical buildings systems), as this is dealt with in other documents.

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