(EN) ISO 52018-1 (indic. thermal balance & fabric)

Energy performance of buildings — Indicators for partial EPB requirements related to thermal energy balance and fabric features  — Part 1: Overview of options

The set of EPB assessment standards produces a great number of overall and partial EPB indicators as outputs, which can be used for different purposes. ISO 52018-1:2017 deals with the use as requirement of partial EPB indicators related to the fabric and related to the thermal balance of the building. Thermal balance aspects concern both the heating and cooling needs and the free floating temperatures, especially with respect to overheating or too cold indoor temperatures. ISO 52018-1:2017 can support both private parties and public regulators (and all stakeholders involved in the regulatory process) with the "post-processing" of these outputs.

ISO 52018-1:2017 provides standardized tables for reporting, in a structured and transparent manner, the choices that are to be made with respect to the partial EPB requirements covered by ISO 52018-1:2017. The tables are non-restrictive, thus allowing for full regulatory flexibility.

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REHVA Journal, Vol. 53, Issue 6, Dec. 2016, Dirk Van Orshoven & Dick van Dijk, EN ISO 52003 and EN ISO 52018: making good use of the EPB assessment outputs


Geographical scope:
EP indicators, requirements or ratings
Published date:
June 15, 2017
  • Building as such
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