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Overview EPB standards

Overview of all CEN and (EN) ISO EPB standards and accompanying technical reports ("TR").


  • The documents are grouped per module (M1, M2, ...). Sometimes a document covers more than one module.  More information on the modular structure....
    Note that the term 'overarching module' only partly overlaps with the term 'overarching standard' in the new EPBD (2018); read more...
  • All listed documents have been published or made available in summer 2017 or earlier, except EN 16789-1 (in preparation) 
  • All listed ISO documents are combined CEN and ISO documents (EN ISO xxxx, CEN ISO/TR yyyy), except ISO 17772 

At each document a link is provided to the page in the ISO catalogue or CEN database where a summary and other information on the document can be found.

How to obtain?

CEN and ISO standards and technical reports are copyright protected, so they cannot be downloaded freely.

  • The ISO documents can be purchased by following the link 'ISO catalogue' below the document and clicking the button "Buy".
  • The CEN documents and the EN ISO documents (equal to the ISO document, but with additional European frontpage and European Foreword and optional National Frontpage and National Foreword) can be purchased from National Standardization Bodies by following the link 'CEN standards database' below the document and clicking the button "Sales Points".
  • Note that if this button is missing, or if there are less Sales Points than expected, this may be due to the time delay between the Date Of Availability and Date Of Publication. These dates are given and explained in each of the links.